CWD Breeding (R)Evolution- Tools for today!

For the past 20 years Chronic Wasting Disease has creep from wild herds into the private-farmed cervid industry in North America. Advancements in various technologies’ have been funded both privately and publicly in an effort to find a solution to effectively manage CWD.

In 2021 the North American Deer Registry released a DNA based analysis developed by Dr. Christopher Seabury, Professor Texas A&M. This “CWD-GPS” is now available for all whitetail propagators across the continent to use as a tool for breeding.

This tool comes in the way of a number, “GEBV” Genomic Estimated Breeding Value. This GEBV is represented analysis of the genomic susceptibility of whitetail deer to CWD. Coupled with the available PRNP Codon test, producers in the farmed-deer industry now have the most advanced information available as to the merit of their animals in a breeding program.

Fast forward to present day. Knowing the importance of this technology and information President of Deer Wizard LLC, Josh Newton a long-time industry veteran created a first-of-its -kind platform for accessing this data in one easy to find location…

Understand this information is crucial and you can access available peer-reviewed research relating to CWD-GPS along with interviews from the North American Deer Talk, CWD Series with Dr. Seabury on genomics and Chronic Wasting Disease.

When its comes to finding a platform that has all the features and tools you are looking for regarding breeding whitetail for Chronic Wasting Disease susceptibility, think